1. WHAT IS THE COST OF YOUR SESSIONS?  Quick/general answer click HERE.  On average my clients spend a range of $650-$1000.  Before you freak out over those #s - just know that you get the world with that - ok - maybe not the world - but you do get all your images.
  2. WHAT SHOULD WE WEAR?  I suggest all sessions be comfy (especially for the kids) first, stylish second, and please always bring another option for the kids...maybe let them pick their second outfit so it can be treated as a treat for them.  Here's my Pinterest board that might help too - CLICK HERE.
  3. WHEN'S THE BEST TIME TO SHOOT?  Two hours before sunset is the magical hour for light.  The poses a problem for some families as their kids go to bed plan ahead.  Possibly let the younger kiddos take a nap or sleep in (ha, yeah right).  With that said - schedule wisely.  If you know your kid is a MONSTER at a certain time of day and there's no way to change their sleep cycle, please book around that time.  Good luck sweet mama...good luck.
  4. GENERAL GOOD ADVICE #1:  Show up fed and full - hungry dads and kids are NO know what I'm sayin'.  
  5. GENERAL GOOD ADVICE #2:  Let me do my thing - please don't stress about your kid not wanting to smile or him wanting to run and play.  When little mamas try to control to shoot and their kids - things tend to go down the sh$#ter if you get my drift.  Unless I say, "Hey could you do this or that or get your kid off me (wink)" you're doing exactly what I want.  Just be chill.  Life isn't perfect - a little mess in photos is a good thing in my book.  If you're looking for 100% prim and proper photos - well I can refer you to someone.
  6. WHERE DO YOU SHOOT?  Everywhere.  Everywhere.  I prefer being outside for shoots - downtown or in the country.  Think outside the box - waterfalls and ponds aren't really pretty in photos unless you're in Hawaii.  Run down farms, junk yards, city streets, your grandmothers front porch...LOVE...
  7. DO I HAVE TO ORDER ALL THE IMAGES?  Yep.  Comes with the price, but you also get an online gallery where you can place other print and product orders if you like.  Your choice.  
  8. WHAT SHOULD I BRING TO MY SESSION?  Bring yourselves, headbands, bows, flowers, outfits, suitcase, toys...basically bring what you want.  The more the better in my book.