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So you're searching for a photographer and you've landed on my page - HOORAY!  With sooo many choices these days I am so honored to have a bit of your time.  So what makes me any different than Joe Schmoe down the street?  Lots of things!  Check out my KIND WORDS section to take a quick peak at what my past clients say about me.  Now to toot my own horn...I absolutely have the best job EVER.  I get to meet so many new people, become basically BFFs with most, AND I get to create a piece of artwork for your family that will be a family heirloom for years and year and years.  Just a one of my goals for each session is to make things as stress-free as possible. One of the biggest compliments I get from clients is how fun their session was.  Fun = no stress in my book.  Gone are the terrible days of stuffy, stressful, and crappy studio sessions. We play, laugh, and even Dad will have fun.


Our Story

Get to know me!

Brook Hollis Photography is Louisville / Southern Indiana's premiere family photographer, childrens photographer, and senior photographer.  My goal for each session is truly simple - have fun, get to know you, and create artwork for your family.

We live in a digital world and everyone seems to be a photographer - however more than half of the photos taken are NEVER printed and displayed.  It is my job to show you the love of your family by creating artful family heirlooms.

Brook Hollis 

Photographer, Master of Useless Talents

Hey there - I am from a small town in central KY who was imported into the Southern Indiana/Louisville region by my main squeeze, Scotty.  Writing ABOUT ME sections is really hard for me because I have never loved the idea of boxing myself or anyone into categorized "boxes".  Sure, I'm a wife and mom, but I'm also a lover of cuss words used in funny sentence placement.  I am lazy, yet super motivated and persistent.  I love people and talking, but I also need a lot of alone time to recharge my social battery.  I can talk to ANYONE.  Seriously.  Yes, it may be painful at times, but I can squirrel through just about anyone’s inner workings and find what makes them tick and gets them chatting.  I LOVE my job as a photographer.  I love the freedom, creativity, the business, but most of all I really do fall in love with my clients.  I get to see your kids and family grow up at an accelerated rate.  This allows me to see the unfiltered goodness of what family is all about.  I really love my job – its 20% taking photos, 5% business, and 75% creating artwork for your family.  Awesome.

Charles Barkley

Studio Dog

Charlie is the studio dog that is here most days blessing us with his sweetness and abundance of dog hair.

The Crew

CEO, Creative Assistants, Etc, Etc

This is the crew that keeps me in line and makes me wanna scream from time-to-time.  Our family isn't perfect, but we're perfectly suited for one another.  We're growing out of the "naked" phase and moving into the even "louder" phase of our family.  My girls, Keaton and Lola, aren't so little anymore (tears) and each phase of girlhood is a new adventure.  You would think I'd be ready for all these stages since I was a young girl at one time.  Nope.  Doesn't work like that at all.  Parenting is hard and so rewarding.  I thank everything is this world that I have a partner in crime that loves me and supports me so completely.  

Brook’s Process


Get to know you

Schedule your session.  Contact me, let me know what type of session you're wanting (kiddo, family, senior, etc), and then I will shoot you an email with loads of info (pricing, what to wear, location questions, and a link to schedule). The most important part of my process is getting to know you. Besides being BFFs after the session - getting to know what you what during and after your session is important.  The final "look" of the photos are based on the consultation email/call.  You can email me photos or shoot me your Pinterest board link with ideas.  Ready to book?  Click HERE


Unique Experience

The SHOOT!  It's time to have fun, gigle, snuggle, and for the love of god put your thumb in your pocket guys.  Every shoot is different, however, a few things are always true when you have a session with me - you're going to move a lot, smile a lot, touch a lot, laugh a lot, and talk a lot.  We'll meet at the selected location (which will be discussed during your appointment consultation), play and shoot and laugh...hahahaha...that's us laughing, and then we will hug and say our goodbyes.  


See your story

Once we have shot your session, within two weeks your images will be ready to view (unless your session took place in Fall...Fall is bananas and might take longer than 2 weeks to get your session wrapped up).  You will get an email that holds a magical link.  I always wonder if anyone really reads all this text.  This link has your personalized gallery holding ALL finished images.  From this gallery you can view, share, and order any products you would like.  Easy peasy.

Have questions - look HERE.

Kind Words

“Our family loves Brook! From the time we arrive she’s talking to my girls and warming them up. They ADORE her. She makes the session so painless. She keeps everyone laughing and this provides genuine smiles! We will continue to use Brook for our family photography!” Sarah Dougherty
“Amazing, amazing, amazing!! Brook truly is a talent and our family is always amazed when we get to see all of our family pictures. She knows exactly what to do to capture those perfect precious moments. She is so fun to be on a shoot with, and my girls just adore her! You will just love her!” The Henn Family
“She is the BEST! She has such an amazing talent to get genuine smiles and bring the "model" out in everyone! I've never had so much fun a children photo shoots. She great with adults, children, and fur babies. The quality of the shots that she is able to capture are breathtaking!!!” Jessica Farling
“Love Brook's photography skills, style and energy when shooting! She goes out of her way to make us have fun and enjoy the experience of being a family and getting pictures taken. My kids open up to her and show their true selves which makes for amazing memories.” Liz Redden
“Brook is absolutely amazing!!” Pauline Hurley
“Brook was so awesome with my kids, they absolutely loved her! She even managed to get a smile out of my husband which is a hard task to do! We will definitely be using her again for our family pictures.” Kyra Cline

Contact Us

Let's Chat

I love questions!  Wanna know about life?  Secrets of staying young?  The meaning of life?  

Can't help you with those...but if you have a pricing, scheduling, product, or general photography question - please GET IN TOUCH!  Please check out my FAQs page - several A's to your Q's can be found there.