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Why I Most Enjoy the Early Teen – Louisville Senior Photographer

When people ask me, “Brook what do you do?”  I always feel like the pause and mental seizure that I go into lasts about 20 minutes as I think about this question.  Hmmmm, “what do I do??”  Well, I DO a lot of things.  The pause really only lasts about 2 seconds and I speak, “I’m a photographer.”  People react one of two ways, “Oh that’s cool.” or they do a mental eye-roll because EVERYONE these days is a “photographer” and they ask “What do you photograph?”  Again – another seizure because that question is so broad – I photograph EVERYTHING for the love of Pete!  But I get the question – they want to know how in the world I make $$$ being a “photographer” so I respond “I mainly photograph kids and families.”

What I really wanna scream and dance around about is this:

THIS is what I photograph – emotion – the feeling of someone – the phase in her life at 14 years old.  She’s so young.  There’s sooo much ahead of her…love, loads of laughs, hopefully only a small bucket of tears, maybe a broken bone, a baby, creating the next internet company that will send her to the moon and back, etc etc etc…what I photograph is the NOW that someone is exuding.  The look in her eyes.  Her hair.  The way her mom will remember her when 30 years from now when they both look at this photograph together.

THIS IS WHAT I DO.  I kinda love it.