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Turkey Lurkey ~ Banna Pudding ~ My Thighs Expanding

Turkey Lurkey Day is tomorrow!  President Obama just pardoned two turkeys from their impending death and my kindergartener just disguised her turkey color cutout as a zebra so no hunters would shoot him.  Good times.

So many things to be thankful for these days…but I’m just going to single out ONE thing in this post.  It may sound a bit cheesy – but I’m so thankful for SMILES!  I’ve always gravitated towards a quote by Mr. Shakespeare himself…from Othello.

“The robbed that smiles, steals something from the thief.”

So here’s my smile thankful list!

So thankful for chocolate covered smiles!

I’m thankful for yogurt-covered smiles!


Thankful for the smiles of friends!


 The smiles of doing what we love to do!

Thankful for the smiles of babies!


I’m thankful for my smiles when a shot just isn’t working!

Thanful for my “partner in crime” Casey Mackie for taking shots that crack me up and make me smile when I’m reviewing an entire wedding!

I’m thankful for the smiles of little guys.


Just very thankful for all those smiles and the many many more to come.  Have a great Turkey Lurkey day everyone.