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The Falcone Fam – Louisville Family Photographer

Attention all families…words of advice on getting THE most out of your sessions with me.

  1. Have fun.  
    Come to play and goof around with the people in your life that mean the most.
  2. Clothes matter…but not that much.  
    I know how you little mommas are…your session is in a few weeks and you’re roaming around the stores trying to find THE perfect outfit for everyone in your group.  Damn that’s hard right?  I’ve been there and honestly your family outfit is about 30% of a great photo session.  At this point in my family life I tend to just “wing-it” with outfits.  I find 2-3 coordinating colors that we all like and I roll with it.  Done.  60% of a fabulous session is going back to #1 FUN FUN FUN FUN LOVE LOVE LOVE.  When you show up with your stress bubble popped and you’re in a place of love and fun – IT SHOWS!  Trust me.  (the other 10% of a great session is on me btw)
  3. Let your kids be KIDS.
    Kids are wild.  Kids are crazy.  Kids are dirty.  Kids always come with the fun – follow their lead and let me handle the rest.  I’ve been photographing lovely wild things for eight years now and I have several tricks and wondrous white lies to get kids to focus on me.  Unless your kid is being a crazy maniac – let the session flow.

Ok – got it??  HA!  My big advice panel above was inspired by the session/family below.  They get it (It doesn’t hurt that they’re naturally hilarious, gorgeous, well dressed, and their kids are older).   They came ready, stress-free (from what I could tell), and we had fun.  Perfection.