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Thanksgiving Love? Oh Lola! {Casey | Brook Photography}

Thanksgiving has come and gone.  Turkey Lurkey Day…fun as always.  I snapped some pics and I just had to post the below.

Here’s Lola and her Auntie Samantha.

Lola is a character.  She knows what she wants and certainly what she doesn’t want.  Below is Lola’s cousin Mr. Reid.  One of the cutest little fella’s I’ve ever seen.  Reid likes to “touch” everything and everyone….he’s a cuddle bunny.  Its all I can do not to squeeze him to death when I see him.  I just love this little boy.

So we were trying so hard to get a great picture of Lola and Reid…hence the below setup.

All is going well…then Reid goes in for the hug!  Uh oh.  Lola is a “hug me by invitation only” kind of girl you see!  Caution Reid.

Poor little guy!  Affection denied.  Lola gives him her classic “mean mug” and cold shoulder move.

But in the spirit of the holidays, I’m sure, Lola rethinks…feels bad about her harshness…and goes back in for a hug.  I wish I could have gotten a better shot but the look on Lola’s face is priceless…its the “ah…come here kid…lets hug-it-up!”