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How about the above quote!!!  BECAUSE LIFE IS WORTH REMEMBERING  Don’t you love it?  I do.  I heard a podcaster say it the other day in regards to her kids and I thought, “well DUH!  Life is sooo worth remembering!”  But good gravy how time flies – our little ones are wiping their own butts and we’re now slightly embarrassing to them.  O lawd!  So I’m loving this tagline and I’m gonna start using it – in my personal and business life.

Did you know that when I make these newsletters my most favorite part is getting to search for the photos I’m gonna use.  These little snippets of sessions are a very sweet part of my life.  When I photograph you and your kids…you’re a part of my life (whether you like it or not!).  I can see Eden’s sweet arm around her brother Rowan, Charlie’s little fall she took off my box in the field, when I was blessed with poison ivy last Summer from the England’s session, or the time Nolyn seriously over-shared about his dad’s farting adventure.  HA!  I love it.
Thanks for your business, kind words/reviews on Facebook, and for letting me share and capture your lives.  ~sniffle sniffle~   Brook


Starting this year session fees will be due the day before your session date.  You’ll receive an email invoice where you can click and pay online.  If you’d rather pay your session fee with cash just let me know and we’ll make arrangements.
Reasoning…I hate how taking the payment throws my right-brain off.  If you haven’t noticed, I’d rather be playing with your kiddos than worrying about the $$….which my accountant tells me is a horrible business trait. 😉




Spring Mini Sessions are COMING!  Hooray!  Olive is stoked!  I’ll be announcing the dates and taking all appointments on the Brook Hollis Photography Facebook page…so make sure you like the page (click the pic to be taken to the Facebook page).

If you have ANY location suggestions please message me on Facebook.  I usually give a free session gift to those who let me use space/land.  I’d love an old barn setting this year.