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Snot Crying & Sweet Tea – Louisville Family Photographer


Dear Clients, Friends, & Family,

THANK YOU!  Have I thanked you lately?  Have I hugged you lately?  Have I given you one of my slightly over-sized, cartoonish,  gummy smiles lately?  Have I patted your tooshie  in a completely non-sexual way – but in a way to say – “wow you’re butt need a pat cause I love you”?  No – yes?!?  I hope to do ALL 4 soon for all of you.

I’m sitting here at my laptop this gorgeous Tuesday morning.  I just got home from another great session with SUCH A CUTE little 5yo named Collin and I got to shoot at a beautiful goat farm.  I’m sitting here working away.  Filling orders, emailing clients, shooting orders out, creating timelines for all my “shorties” who participated in the Mommy & Me sessions last week, making gift certificates for all of you who ordered last and this week…and I’m simply OVERWHELMED.  I’m seriously snotty crying.  Thank Winona Ryder no one is here to see this.  My kids would think mommy’s laptop was broken again and Scotty would just think I’m watching another Dove commercial on YouTube.  Ha!  No, I’m sitting here overwhelmed by all the kindness and love that I’ve felt this week…and its only TUESDAY!

My business is not like other businesses.  Its super personal to me because I’m seriously IN LOVE with what I’m doing.  Sure, I curse your face if I’ve been editing your photos for more than 3 days…but when the work is all done and I send you an email with your gallery link…its slightly like sending my little babies out into the world for approval and love.  I really think this comes through – I hope this comes through – from the moment we first exchange emails – to the moment we first meet – to the session – to the gallery.

Brook Hollis PhotographyBrook Hollis Photography

My clients ARE THE BEST, but my family and friends are just as AWESOME-er.  Some of you believe in me and see the value in my work even more than I DO!  WTF?!?!  😉
I love you for that.   I really do.  You know who you are…thanks so much.  This year has already been crazy busy…I’m soo lucky.

Brook Hollis Photography