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Sir Terry Richardson goes Gaga…

When two of your obsessions magically meet and start to hangout…like unicorns and cigarettes…it’s pretty hard NOT to take notice and become even more obsessed.  So what the crack pipe am I talking about – one of my most favorite photographers – Terry Richardson – and THE Miss Gaga.

My older wiser brother, Jess, turned me on to Mr. Richardson a few years back and since I regularly peruse his website:
http://www.terrysdiary.com        Its one of my most favorite websites because there’s hardly ANY words…I no likely to read much.

So Terry is now on tour with Lady Gaga who I find sooo interesting because unlike so much of what is raping my ears on local top 20 radio station – this nut ball has talent for days.  The pics of Terry and Gaga together and Terry’s behind the scene eye is great.  Just love it.  Here’s a peek…but check out the website too…its lovely.

All pictures belong to Mr. Terry Richardson and can be found here: