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Simplify My World! Louisville Children’s Photographer

Hey guys – man oh man has it been forever since I really wrote something on my photography’s site.  So mistreated.  If you’re reading this you most likely received an email from me – subject line – SIMPLE LIFE SIMPLE BUSINESS.  My life has really been crazy the last six months.  I fulfilled a career-long dream of opening a super sweet studio in downtown New Albany, the last 2-3 years I’ve had the pleasure and good fortune to travel around to several tropical designations FOR WORK, and my family is…well I have 2 nearly tween girls in my house…so my family life is moody to say the least.  I even started a podcast recently – HEY GIRL HAVE FUN – that’s been a very consuming yet super fun project that I’m loving.

So where’s the simplify aspect to my life?  I’m simplifying by matter of necessity, sadly.  The wonderful studio that I adored for a little over six months is bye-bye.  My landlord dropped some bad news on me, which led me to my decision to let that baby go.  Sure, I was a little heart broken for the first week…but we push forward in life.  No sense in dwelling on things you can’t change and honestly didn’t quite understand to begin with.  I kinda feel like I received some bogus info – but no worries.  So no studio…which means less overhead (silver lining).

Another simplify aspect to my life & biz – my photo pricing and want YOU want from me.  In January I attended a photo conference called Shutterfest.  I had a blast and met some really great people and teachers.  If you’re even remotely interested in photography I highly recommend Shutterfest.  At this conference I had this brilliant idea of going forward with in-person photo sales and changing my pricing around.  WRONG MOVE.  From the start – I had a yucky feeling that I DID NOT WANT TO DO THIS.  I tried packages and raising print prices – making more session for this and that.  Changing my website and logo possibly.  Using another confusing gallery site.  Nope.  Nothing felt right.

I just sat here in my new home office (aka the dining room) and asked myself – what does nearly every client purchase from me? Answer – the thumb drive with ALL images…friggin’ simple and I knew it all along.  So starting now I’ve changed things around – with every session fee you get ALL images.

Here’s the breakdown because I want to be 100% transparent:

For a family session the total price is $625.  

This fee covers my shooting time (1-1.5hrs), culling of the best images, editing those “best” images, online gallery, and includes all the images edited – plus 4×6 physical proofs (yes actual prints).  

To make the payment not-such-a-big-chunk, $250 is due to hold your date and you will received the balance invoice when gallery is ready to view.

For a kiddo session the total price is $350.  Includes everything that the family session does except the time is 45-1hour because kids are cooler than adults and they listen better.  Hehe…but for reals.

Feedback?  Questions?  Shoot me a message brookhollis@gmail.com

Seriously – I wanna hear from you…because I LOVE YOU!  For reals!  My clients are special to me.  There are so many choices in this market for fabulous photographers…yet you keep coming back to me.  I cannot tell you how much that means to me.  My goal for simple pricing is to simplify everyone’s life.