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Newborn Winnie – Louisville Family Photographer

Now now don’t get your panties in a wad if you’ve contacted me recently about doing your newborn session and I clearly explained, “Sorry I don’t do newborn sessions any longer…I highly recommend….” and now you see this blog post!!  Grrrr right?  Well wait, let me explain (read/scroll to the bottom).

First lets talk about and take a look at this little bundle of joy with feet that will go on my top 5 list of cutest feet – Little Miss Winnie (short for Wynonna).  True to form (and you’ll read more about my affect on newborns below) this little one did NOT feel like sleeping around me.  No shocker to me.  Babies think they’re ready for their first 5K when I’m around.  Nonetheless, she was perfect.



My decision to stop photographing newborns is wholly about ME – yes I’m giving you the “its me not you” excuse, but it is.  From exuberant and thorough testing – newborns DO NOT relax around me.  Never!  I cannot recall one newborn session where the baby peacefully ate then drifted away into their milk comma…while I then twisted and bent them into the cutest positions possible.  It has never happened.  Ever.  I’m a sweaty panicked mess for sessions that averages 2-3 hours to no fault of the baby or his/her little momma (which I told Ashlee – Winnie’s little momma).   And the sad thing about saying goodbye to newborns is that I really LOVE babies.  They smell so good, they can’t talk, all they want is to be held and loved, and at the end of the session I can happily hand them back and go home to SLEEP a full 6-8 hours.  Hehehe.  However, its just not my thing and I’m surrounded by such great and gifted newborn photogs like Miss Jennifer Lea Photography out of Corydon IN and/or Miss Tiffney Smith Photography here in New Albany, IN.  Both wizards as far as I’m concerned.  😉