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Cute Kiddo Session at Huber’s – Louisville Children’s Photographer

Miss Carly has been my client / model since she was only a few months old.  This is our 3rd shoot and along with her cutes / blonde curls / and gorgeous blue eyes – her personality is BOOMING too!  While I would classify Miss Carly as “cranky” during our shoot (cause believe me I’ve seen cranky) she was NOT feeling it 75% of the time.

Here’s where I toot my own horn…TOOT TOOT…if there’s one thing I’m super good at its waiting for the moment and holding for personality.  This chica has it for SURE!  Carly’s mom and dad are great friends of mine, which means they’re ok with me bossing them around 😉   and this also means I’m aware of their style and how they interact with Carly.  I can tell them to “beat it” or to “get in there” or “please do ring-around-the-rosie like 12 more times” and they’re cool with that.  Its an easy shoot no matter how “so not feelin it” Carly is.

I wish I had this type of trust and comfort with all clients, but so many times when I photograph kids for the first time – I’m also meeting their parents for the first time.  I’m not solid on their rhythm as parents, their style, their personalities – I’m never sure if the mom will go ape-shit on the first temper tantrum.  Or if dad is always this quiet and weird…or if its just me.   So here’s my words of wisdom for ALL parents that shoot with me (and I say this with all the love and goodness in the world)…I GOT THISI’m going to start making this part of my session consultation.

Most of the time as sad as it may be, our kids listen to complete strangers better than us – the parents.  So when you’re shooting with me…I’m 95% sure that your kiddo will like me.  I’m a fool and have a HUGE smile – kids respond to that – they always have.  So let me handle things unless I tell you to “GET IN THERE!”

Without further ramblings…Carly….who was sooo not into most of this shoot….but is too cute for that to make a damn difference!