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Louisville Senior Photographer ~ Ramsy Tandy’s Session

I have been holding this session since MONDAY and it has been KILLING ME not to show it off ’cause I LOVES IT!!!!!!! This is Ramsy Tandy…wowzer what a pretty young woman and a breeze to shoot. I posted a sneak peak before but the 2 pics I showed off didn’t even touch the beauty of Miss Ramsy. And you know how life seems to deal some people a really good hand?? Like Gweneth Paltrow…pretty…thin…can carry a note…wonderful actress…great taste in men…ugh…must I go on….anyhoo I ramble. My point…Ramsy is one of these girls. She’s smart, seems very level headed, athletic, gorgeous, and loves her momma. Doesn’t get much better than that!

To showcase her session I thought I’d make a smashing video of Ramsy. Enjoy!

Session was shot in Shelbyville KY at Red Orchard Park. After this I will post more individual faves from the very smoldering hot day.