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Let ’em Warm Up!

Hey little mommies out there.  I’m getting ready to drop a BOMB on your asses!  Here goes….your kids behave better with strangers!  AKA…ME!  Are you speechless?  HA!  Probably not.  All us moms are fully aware of this fact.  I remember sitting in front of Keaton’s teacher this year and listening to her praise Keaton for being, “such a great listener” and “such a teacher’s dream”.

The entire time I was thinking, “uh…who’s what?  Are you sure you have the right mom/kid combo here?”

That’s just the way things go.  Jay-Z has a lyric “you do mistreat the one dat you lovin'” So true brother J…so true.

So don’t fret when little Alex isn’t being a great little model when the session with me starts.  Take Grant below…here’s his first shot & I’m sure what he was thinking:

When the above happens, he’s nervous, but I can tell that little man is curious about me and NOT too terrified…yet…I usually tell mom and dad to GO AWAY.

I don’t mean to be rude in any way.  But its the best thing for the kiddo and for me.  Your little one can start focusing on me….the weirdo with the camera….and I can start “working” aka acting like a fool to get some real smiles and emotions out of your little man/chica.

Here’s the shot after mom and dad disappeared for a bit:

We’re having a blast now!!!!!!!

With that said, I do understand that its hard to give up the control when it comes to our kiddos.  I find myself speaking for my little ones all the time.  Its good and healthy from time-to-time to take a step back.  The above pics are PROOF of that!!!

I’m out hommies!