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How to use your gallery! Brook Hollis Photography

Your session is a wrap and now your photos are ready to view viewed…HOORAY!  So we’ve sent your gallery link and you’ve scrolled through, but are you one of many techno-challenged individuals?  Its all good…we all have our strengths and weaknesses.  Let’s LEARN!


To view an individual image, simply click on the photo! You can then choose to share the image or mark as favorite. Use your keyboard left and right arrows to arrow through your full gallery of images.


Share your entire gallery with your family and friends by clicking the Share icon on the main gallery screen:share_gallery

Or, share individual pictures. With an individual picture open, simply hover over the “share” icon to see sharing options. Example below:share_gallery1


Ready to buy a 5×7 or an 8×10 or even a super dope canvas?  Okkie dokie!!  Click on any photo that you would like to purchase and select BUY PHOTO
BUYYour print and product options will pop-up in another window.  Gray tabs house all your options – prints, canvas, merchandise, etc, etc:
CARTPlease note – all images are cropped for certain ratio – however you have the wonderful ability  to adjust the crop to better suit your tastes and print size.  To view and adjust the crop VIEW YOUR CART and EDIT CROP (see below):
cropAnother window with your image will popup allowing you to move the blue box to adjust the crop.
Once you’re all adjusted and cropped please make sure you explore all the tabs to find the product you’re looking for….then…CHECKOUT!


Once you have purchased your full session or session CD you will have the ability to download images.  Start at the main gallery screen. Locate the download symbol (downward arrow):download_all

Click this download icon. You will immediately be redirected to a screen similar to the one below and prompted to enter your email address and the 4-digit pin you will have received from me (please note – your pin # must be purchased)
download_blackAfter this screen – choose ORIGINAL and then DOWNLOAD.

A link will be sent to the email address provided. This may take a few minutes, so hang tight! Once you receive your email and click the download link, your files will download as a “zipped” folder.

See instructions for how to un-zip your folder of images at the following links: