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Happy Almost Friday!!!

Happy almost Friday everyone!!!  I thought I’d sneak in a post because this weekend kicks off my official SUMMER SHOOTING crazy whacky schedule.  I won’t have much time to come up for air and actually type.  Sure I’ll post pics…but I truly doubt I’ll write a lot.  But here’s to hoping.

I came across this picture from last summer and it makes me realize how fast time goes.  Its a cliche but its oh so true.  Our kids are growing up way faster than we’d like.  We’re getting older WAYY faster than we’d like…but life is good.  keep on trucking!

This is Keaton…who was 5 here and has that beach blonde – just coming from the beach hair.  Gorgeous!  However, she rarely brushed it and was a complete nightmare each morning when I even approached her with a hair brush.  So we cute it.  (below)

Here’s the cut…