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East Coast West Coast Workshop – Louisville Family Photographer

I had the ultimate pleasure of attending the East Coast West Coast Workshop last weekend in South Carolina.  The workshop featured Jean Smith, Spanki Mills, Angie Monson, and Shannon Sewell…four powerhouses and so different in styles.  Just lovely – they were all so lovely and informative and fun and amazing and inspiring and I want to just follow them around all the time.

The workshop was a good mix of technical, business, shooting, and surprisingly what I needed most – soul searching.  I admittedly rolled my eyes when I saw on the agenda that Spanki would lead a 2-hour “find your purpose” type pow-wow…but boy did I need that.  I have a lot of self-doubt (that I threw into the ocean by the way…pretty sure a seagull swooped down and ate my bottle) and I thought my biggest issue was technical – behind and in the camera.  However, after this weekend I have come to terms with my inner demons holding me down.  Yes, I threw those demons in the ocean.  I never take myself seriously in fear that I’ll disappoint myself or realize that I’m actually not worthy of such a wonderful job.

I am worthy.  I am good enough.  I want to grow and keep getting better and better at being me.