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Brook’s Pod {Family} Update ~ August 8, 2011

Please forgive me while I update this new blogsite with some old pics and memories that I think everyone should see!  Here’s my pod back in March of 2011.  Its crazy to look back just a few months a see how they’ve already grown so much!

Here’s Sodah the wonder dog.  He can block an air conditioned vent like no other dog I know.  Not pictures ~ Super Dog Dayla ~ super power = Tongue of Death!

Below ~ Bambino Lola in her older than time crib…but we love it.  Thanks Marci B!

Below ~ DQ Keaton.  Unlike this fab wallpaper – there’s no gray area with my Keaton.  She’s either on or off.  Black or white.  Hot or cold.  She’s probably also the most photographed kid in our county.  She starts kindergarten in a week and I can’t help but be so so sad.  Crap ~ even typing this gets me a bit malaise-ish.  I don’t know how things will be when she’s a teen, but I can’t help but think the random hugs and kisses won’t come so easy.  I’ll take ’em while I can get ’em.

Below – my most favorite picture…wish Lola were in this.  If you know anything about Scotty you’ll soon figure out that my love for photography doesn’t jive so well with Scotty’s hatred of having his picture taken.  Opposites truly do attract…sometimes.  Much love.