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My Family – Brook Hollis Photography

Have to admit that being infront of the camera is ROUGH for me…I mean I get super uncomfortable, weird, and I just want to get it over with.  Do you guys feel that way?!  Man I hope not.  Getting infront of the camera is good for me, no matter how squeamish it makes me, because I get to feel how my clients feel.  Anyhoo – here’s a glimpse at my fam…

Below is the hubs, Scotty.  Why photos of him rolling solo?  Because this man HATES his photo taken even though he’s one of the most photogenic human on the planet.  People who are photogenic don’t care about this effortless talent – this gift from the gods.  It comes to them like breathing.  They look at the camera – do nothing – and look amazing.  Those without this amazing talent, like myself, are in awe, amazed, and disgusted.  I literally have to take 23 selfies to get one “meh” image that I can tolerate.  So cheers to you, Scotty.  We’ve been together for so long now that you’re starting to look amazing and blurry all at the same time.

Now this shot (below) of Scotty and I may seem like we’re super PDA…but let me set the scene…Scotty’s soccer team had just won a very important game, Scotty had had a few drinks, and he was very happy.  Scotty is an amazing dad.  Shit, this post is becoming all about Scotty.  Ugh.  Can you believe how big my girls are getting!?  Ones a teenager!  Not possible.Did you know that this age group (late elementary – middle school) is THE most under photographed for families?  You get fam pics taken when your kids are little and adorable…then again when they’re seniors in high school…then their wedding.  That gap makes me so sad because this age for my girls is momentous.  They’re forming before my eyes into the women they’ll be so soon. We now can have real complex conversations and I get to see into their thoughts.  Its amaze-balls.

Magical Unicorn Sessions – Louisville Children’s Photographer

Nothing makes me happier than little ones who believe in the magic…and what little girl doesn’t wanna believe in unicorns?!?!  I remember wanting soooo much when I was a little girl to have a unicorn just like Rainbow Bright.  Riding my magical unicorn on a rainbow – best thing ever!  Here’s a quick glimpse on this year’s unicorn mini sessions.