I am so many things - goof ball, mom, wife, licker of chips, potty mouth most days, home-girl, coach, sweet heart, terd nugget, and photographer.  I have loved taking photos since I was little.  Things were much different back then without these nifty digital cameras.  I still have undeveloped rolls of film in my junk drawer - I'm too afraid to see what's on those rolls!  

I am a rare human that really loves her day job.  I get to meet so many good people, become instant friends, play with their kids, create lasting family heirlooms that I'll get to admire when they invite me to their home for dinner, and I get paid for all this.  MAGIC!  Truly magic.  


In no particular order here are my favorite things: my girls, nice people, great reads, road trips alone, kisses, real brownies, Fall, dancing, the lake - not the ocean, funny people, sleeping in, milo's sweet zero calorie tea, good movies, campfires with no camping, staying up late, my sweet sexy husband, steak, my mac, Charlie, walking in the woods, cream with a touch of coffee, long hair (growing mine out as we speak), did I already say sleeping in?, Summer nights, vacations without kids, movies with my girls.


Home, my bed, beaches with wild roosters, boats on the lake, most places with Scotty, with horses, sitting anywhere with friends and beer, gyms with basketball games, and in closing I like being places with good friends and family.  Isn't that so important - being with good people?  Surround yourself with people who lift you up hommies...and do the same for others.